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by BoroGreen Team published Mar 17, 2014 09:55 AM, last modified Sep 05, 2014 12:19 PM


John BeggiatoJohn Beggiato

John answered the call to encourage Hillsborough residence to become more sustainable by becoming one of the founding members of a local grassroots group called BoroGreen. In 2010, BoroGreen, Sustainable Montgomery, and Sustainable Hillsborough sponsored a regional sustainability conference on energy, transportation, and recycling at Duke Farms. In 2013, John was a founding member of Friends of Hillsborough Open Space (FOHOS) to educate Hillsborough residence on the impact of the townships proposed diversion of their Open Space Trust Fund. Then in 2014, BoroGreen sponsored another event at Duke Farms focusing on food, local farms and farm-to-table dining. John has also served as trustee for 7 years and currently the President of Roycefield Swim Club. He has been actively involved in various athletic programs as a coach, which his two children have participated. John earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in management information systems from Pace University and works as an IT professional in the financial services industry. 

Bill DondiegoBill Dondiego

Bill is a Building Analyst and Energy Efficiency Consultant on Green Building and Energy Star Projects with emphasis on Residential home building and retrofits for both new homes and older homes built in late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Accredited Contractor with Home Performance and the Clean Energy program. He has certifications from Rutgers University, EverBlue and The Building Performance Institute as a Building Analyst Core & Shell, Whole House Air Sealing Specialist with a background in Construction Management and Civil Engineering. He is a founding member of BoroGreen.

Thuy Anh LeThuy Anh Le

Thuy Anh’s personal interests have led her to become a Rutgers Environmental Steward 2007, Sustainable Hillsborough Steering Committee from 2008-2012 where she served as chair and vice-chair, and Cloud Fellow 2011. Her work was recognized when she received the Somerset County Outstanding Women award for expanding environmental awareness in 2011. While helping Hillsborough Township receive and maintain Bronze certification from Sustainable Jersey, she realized that more residents could be engaged and so she founded a local grassroots group called BoroGreen with the intention of supporting Sustainable Hillsborough activities.

BoroGreen, Sustainable Montgomery, and Sustainable Hillsborough ran a regional sustainability conference at Duke Farms on November 2010 focusing on energy, transportation, and recycling.  She also worked with members of the Sourland Planning Council to encourage Gibraltor Rock to modify their plan to cut down 20 acres of trees for solar panels in the environmentally sensitive Sourlands. These are quality of life issues that affect our town.  In 2013, she became a founding member of Friends of Hillsborough Open Space (FOHOS) which helped residents better understand the ballot question regarding the Open Space Trust Fund.  More recently, she helped plan for the deliciously successful Discover Food Conference at Duke Farms in March 2013.


Clare LiptakClare Liptak

Clare Liptak is a retired Somerset County Agricultural Agent, IPM scout, horticulturist, and Certified Tree Expert #208. By writing and teaching, she works to increase property owners' understanding of their landscape as part of a healthy environment. She recommends native and flowering plants when possible. She explains proper cultural practices (such as planting, pruning, weeding, composting, and the use of bio-rational pest management products), diagnoses plant problems, and demonstrates how to regularly inspect plantings to reduce or prevent pests.

Judd MandellJudd Mandell

Judd is the owner and founder of Judd Jason Associates, a collaborative consulting group specialized in solving land issues with sustainable landscaping designs. He earned an Environmental Planning and Design B.S. degree from Cook College, Rutgers University while running his own lawn and landscape company. He took advantage of my agricultural college and tended to cows early a.m. at the Dairy Barn, helped build projects at Rutgers Gardens, practiced meat and fish processing in a class held at the slaughterhouse, and toured influential gardens around the tri-state with classes and groups.

Christoph OhngemachChristoph Ohngemach

Christoph was born and raised in southern Germany and came to the US in 1990. His love of gardening was instilled into him by his father who was a lifelong organic gardener and nature lover. Christoph is in charge of our community giving garden at Duke Farms. Other interests include energy efficiency, skiing, and cycling. He is a member of the Century Road Club of America. In his spare time he does renovation projects around his house and takes care of his backyard. He recently took up bee keeping.


Pieter RuiterPieter Ruiter

Pieter is an independent writer, speaker, web developer and technology consultant. He was raised in The Netherlands, lived in New Zealand in his teens, and became a linguist back in The Netherlands where he had his own communications consulting company. In New York since 1997, he served as IT Director for various public companies. A member of the World Wildlife Fund as a child of the 1970s, he seeks to reconcile the needs of human beings and the needs of others that share the Earth. Jacques Cousteau was and remains one of his heroes. He chooses to believe in the general goodwill and spiritual nature of all people and is excited to engage web technology to unveil the inherent connectedness between us all. He eschews partisanship and divisiveness - his Bahá’í faith helps him stay focused on that. He has two children, is a founding member of BoroGreen, a Trustee of the Hillsborough Education Foundation and has lived in Hillsborough since 2003. 

BoroGreen is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization and consists of a loosely knit community of residents, businesses, congregations and like-minded groups, all contributing to a more sustainable community in and around Hillsborough, NJ.