BoroGreen turns four!

by Pieter B. Ruiter published Sep 24, 2014 11:05 AM, last modified Sep 24, 2014 11:42 AM
Hillsborough's grass-roots environmental community is turning four this month: looking back - and looking ahead.
BoroGreen turns four!

Ideal version of a rain garden

BoroGreen - our courageous loosely knit community of residents, businesses, congregations and likeminded organizations who want to contribute to a more sustainable community - is turning four (4!) this September. Remember October 10th, 2010, when we took our first group photograph at the Prall Rd detention basin, hoping to turn it into a rain garden?


Much has happened in four years. We’ve discovered to approach things experimentally with a learning attitude: some things were a success, and some were a necessary step on learning how to improve things the next time. 

Without becoming exhaustive, it might be good to recall some efforts of the past four years. Among our most cherished memories are:


Pond at Hunt Club Rd
Citizen-initiated pond cleanup project at Hunt Club Rd

We have learned about plastics, systems thinking, solar panels, NJ clean energy program, electric cars, rain barrels, bicycle lanes, composting, Green and Blue Acres, local food, algae blooms, beneficial insects, organic gardening, (non)political involvement, pollinators, recycling odd items, deer mitigation, walking-to-school, living green, bicycle paths, Open Space, citizen campaigns, different kinds activism and how government does - and does not - work.


Ultimately, it is the social fabric, the friendships, connections, collaborations and love for nature and our planet that will ensure an ever improving community. I look forward to the next four years.


BoroGreen Vice-President 

BoroGreen is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization and consists of a loosely knit community of residents, businesses, congregations and like-minded groups, all contributing to a more sustainable community in and around Hillsborough, NJ.