BoroGreen in 2011-2012

by BoroGreen Team published Apr 05, 2012 12:00 AM, last modified Mar 16, 2014 06:56 PM
Summary of BoroGreen activities in 2011 and 2012.
BoroGreen in 2011-2012

Green Maps at the public library

Jan 2011
By-Laws: BoroGreen chooses to have plurality voting by secret ballot without nominations with seven board members.

April 2011
Elections BoroGreen. Seven members are elected as first board. One member turns out absent throughout the year. Board decides to continue with six members until next elections.


Green Schools workshop
Green Schools workshop
June 2011
First BoroGreen board meeting. Officers are determined by open discussion.
TEACH workshops for Green Teams at Hillsborough High School and Woodfern Elementary School. Idea for surrounding towns regional conference emerges.


July 2011
Meeting between BoroGreen and Dr. Jorden Schiff, Superintendent.
BoroGreen applies for two grants: an extensive $25,000 Longfield Discovery Trail proposal to Sustainable NJ (Walmart funded), and a $1000 Green Maps proposal to Dodge Foundation. Regional conference becomes four-county conference on behalf of Sustainable NJ, to be held in November. BoroGreen (Bill Dondiego) meets with Township Business Advocate Gene Strupinski. Discussions on how to promote local small businesses.


August 2011
Prall Road rain garden remains a concern: surrounding citizens are concerned. Prall Rd. issue discussed with Public Works.
Sustainable vs. environmental discussion: confusion for many in public perception. Green Maps gets granted to four-town corridor Hillsborough-Montgomery-Princeton-Lawrence Township.


September 2011
Commons program (Judd Mandel) implemented at Woodfern Elementary School
More plants planted at Prall rd.
Board discusses creating committees for specific areas: Green Building + Preservation, TEACH, Green Team Conference


October 2011
Regional Green Maps public meeting held at Hillsborough Public Library
Green Building Committee meets for the first time.


November 2011
Green Team Conference on 11/5/2011 1-4 p.m. at Duke Farms. Main topics: energy, recycling, transportation.


January 2012
Vision on social fabric emerges.
Discussion on Othering, perceived threats
Decision to hold Hillsborough ONE conference
Invitation from Hillsborough Democratic Alliance to present BoroGreen in March/April


February 2012
Exploring Farmers Market for Hillsborough. Seeking location.
Planning Board will resume Green Village discussions next month.


March 2012
Two Planning Board meetings on Green Village
Strategy meeting with watershed and lawyer
Articles in Hillsborough Beacon and Patch (2x)
Quarry solar plans
BoroGreen files for 502.c(3) status


April 2012
BoroGreen / Hillsborough ONE presentation at HDA

Committees/Working Groups as of April 2012:
Green Building & Preservation
Schools (TEACH)
Hillsborough ONE
Bike-Pedestrian Pathways

BoroGreen is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization and consists of a loosely knit community of residents, businesses, congregations and like-minded groups, all contributing to a more sustainable community in and around Hillsborough, NJ.