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John answered the call to encourage Hillsborough residence to become more sustainable by becoming one of the founding members of a local grassroots group called BoroGreen. In 2010, BoroGreen, Sustainable Montgomery, and Sustainable Hillsborough sponsored a regional sustainability conference on energy, transportation, and recycling at Duke Farms. In 2013, John was a founding member of Friends of Hillsborough Open Space (FOHOS) to educate Hillsborough residence on the impact of the townships proposed diversion of their Open Space Trust Fund. Then in 2014, BoroGreen sponsored another event at Duke Farms focusing on food, local farms and farm-to-table dining. John has also served as trustee for 7 years and currently the President of Roycefield Swim Club. He has been actively involved in various athletic programs as a coach, which his two children have participated. John earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in management information systems from Pace University and works as an IT professional in the financial services industry.
Location: Hillsborough, NJ

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BoroGreen is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization and consists of a loosely knit community of residents, businesses, congregations and like-minded groups, all contributing to a more sustainable community in and around Hillsborough, NJ.